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Fees/Reports/Copies/NSF Charges

Delinquent Reports
Alpha or Numeric includes addresses (paper or email), postage CD burning and mailing.
Contact the County Treasurer.
$75.00 or $100.00

Tax Roll Data (Available mid-December annually)
Email your request to:
$300.00 + $16.50 (tax in WI)

Non-Sufficient Funds (NSF) Checks Returned

Copies of Tax Bills, Statement and Payment Details
• $1.00 each (paper) PLUS postage if you need a copy mailed to you.
• Free email copy
• Free online (starting with 2015 Tax Year): through the Land Information Search Tool (LIST). Here's how: 
    o Click on link above. Accept the terms. Search for your parcel. 
    o When parcel opens, click on the "Taxes" tab and select the correct tax year from the "Tax Year" menu. 
    o Scroll down and click "Print Tax Details" for a current statement and payment information or click "Print Tax  
       Bill" to open and print a copy.

Please Note:
• NSF checks for real estate taxes will be reversed immediately and when applicable, interest and penalty charged.
• Overpaid tax refunds are held up to $5.00, in a separate account, and will be returned upon request.
• Starting with 2015 Tax Year, tax bills, statements, and payment details are available online

Wisconsin Property Tax Credits
• For information about property tax credits available in Wisconsin, including Lottery and Gaming Credit, First Dollar Credit and School Levy Tax Credit, visit Department of Revenue Property Tax Relief Credits page
• If you did not get the Lottery Credit on your tax bill: 
    o If you do not return the signed form to our office stating this is your primary residence, you will not get the
    o If you did not qualify in the previous year, but qualify in the current year, you can call the Treasurer's Office
        and request a form to sign and return it to our office. 
    o A late claim can be filed with the local treasurer until January 31st and will be deducted from your taxes due. 
    o After the January 31st due date, you can obtain a special form to apply for the lottery claim through the 
       State. This can be done until October 1st of the current year. Information and forms are available online at:
       Wisconsin Department of Revenue: Wisconsin Lottery and Gaming Credit Program.