Military Discharge Records

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Veterans are encouraged to take their military discharge papers (DD214) to the local register of deeds for recording.  The register of deeds will copy and index the document and give the original back to the veteran.  If the original is ever lost, destroyed or damaged, the veteran can always get a certified copy from the register of deeds.

Military discharge papers are valuable to veterans because they may be required to prove eligibility for certain benefits and programs.

If you cannot locate your DD214 military discharge document, contact the Dodge County Veteran's Service Office at (920) 386-3798 for assistance.

To get your DD214 military discharge document recorded, make sure that it has an original signature.  First, take this document to the Veterans Service Office during office hours.  Processing will take about 5 to 10 minutes.

To get a certified copy of your DD214 military discharge document, which was recorded earlier with the Dodge County Register of Deeds, go to or call the Dodge County Veteran's Service Office at 127 E. Oak St., 2nd Floor (920) 386-3798