Core Values / Mission Statement / Vision Statement

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The Dodge County Sheriff’s Office believes that our core values are the key to creating and maintaining a healthy, ethical culture.  Our values are the guiding principles that our employees use to guide their actions on the job and in their personal lives.  Our goal is to continue to produce sheriff’s office employees who are exemplary citizens that personify what we believe in and who we are.  The sheriff’s office core values are integrity, accountability, teamwork, leadership and service.

INTEGRITY – We are committed to serving the public with the highest standards of honesty, ethical conduct and respect to all people.

ACCOUNTABILITY – We will be accountable to ourselves, each other and the public we serve.  This requires a process of seeing it, owning it, solving it and doing it.  Our employees take responsibility for our work and hold ourselves to the highest standards of performance and behavior.  We understand we are not only representing the badge but also our families, our agency and our profession.

TEAMWORK – By creating and maintaining positive interpersonal relationships, we will work fluently and collaboratively with all members of our organization, regardless of formal rank or position, to achieve organizational goals.  We will work cooperatively with other stakeholders to provide the public with the best service possible. We will engage the public to solve problems and increase their involvement in the policing process.

LEADERSHIP – We believe that all employees of the Dodge County Sheriff’s Office are leaders not only in the organization, but also in the community.  We recognize this responsibility and will courageously lead by example and inspire others to do the right thing, the right way, for the right reason.  We will maintain our humility, recognizing that leadership is a gift, given by those who follow.

SERVICE – With honor and courage, we will work for the common good by maintaining safety, peace and order in our communities.  We will fairly and impartially provide services to all people.