The Dodge County Surveyor's Office has existed since 1840 to set/perpetuate and maintain the Public Land Survey System (PLSS) created in the 1830's.  In addition to PLSS maintenance:  the office maintains historical documentation of PLSS corners; reviews/processes and archives all known surveys performed in the county; performs surveys requested by Dodge County Government Offices; and maintains the Dodge County PLSS database on the State Cartographers website.
The Mapping Section prepares tax parcel maps primarily for the use of the local assessor.  The accuracy of the maps is limited to the quality of the data obtained from public records.  The information is advisory only and is not intended as a substitute for an accurate field survey.
While our records are the primary resource for survey and mapping information in Dodge County, we do not do survey work for private landowners.  However, our survey and cartographic staff is available to assist with your survey and mapping questions.

Vacant - Senior Land Surveyor

Richard Leistekow - Survey & Mapping Specialist (920) 386-3774

Steven Noe - Senior Cartographer (920) 386-3775

David Addison - Land Information Officer (920) 386-3773

Bill Ehlenbeck - Director (920) 386-3960