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Division of Land Resources and Parks Dept

Dodge County - countryside

David Addison
Land Information Officer
(920) 386-3773

Dodge County Land Information Plan (2019-2021) - DRAFT

The Division is a great resource available to all county departments, local, regional, state and federal units of government, and the public and private sectors. The Land Information Division has responsibility for all GIS mapping and services (including mapping and data support of the Dodge County Communications Center), maintenance of the building numbering program, tax parcel mapping, maintenance of the Public Land Survey System (PLSS), survey services, and tax assessment and property description functions which support the Dodge County Land Information Management System. In 2012, the Land Information Division is committed to working closely with all County Offices and Departments, local municipalities, state and federal agencies whose activities rely on use of land records. We create, enhance and maintain many critical geospatial (land information) data sets, provide mapping and geospatial analysis services, and support GIS, CAD and imaging hardware and software. County users include Land Conservation, Treasurer, Register of Deeds, Highway, Emergency Management, County Clerk, Corporation Counsel, District Attorney, Medical Examiner, and County Sheriff and Communications Center. We share data freely with all cities, villages, and towns in the County, neighboring counties, Wisconsin DNR, DOR, DOA, DOT and federal agencies including FEMA, Homeland Security, USDA, NRCS, Census Bureau, USGS, and USACOE. 

To better understand the variety of duties and responsibilities listed above, definitions of highlighted terms are as follows:
Land information is defined in Wisconsin State Statutes 16.967 (1)(b) as:

“...any physical, legal, economic or environmental information or characteristic concerning land, water, groundwater, subsurface resources or air in this state. It includes information relating to topography, soil, soil erosion, geology, minerals, vegetation, land cover, wildlife, associated natural resources, land ownership, land use, land use controls and restrictions, jurisdictional boundaries, tax assessment, land value, land survey records and references, geodetic control networks, aerial photographs, maps, planimetric data, remote sensing data, historic, and prehistoric sites and economic projections.”
Land records are defined in Wisconsin State Statutes 16.967 (1)(d) as:

“...maps, documents, computer files and any other information storage medium in which land information is stored.”
Land Information System is defined in Wisconsin State Statutes 16.967 (1)(c) as:

“ orderly method of organizing and managing land information and land records.”

If you have any questions, please contact us at (920) 386-3773 or Email.

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