Nutrient Management Program

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What is Nutrient Management?

How to take soil samples:

Contacts for Soil Testing and Nutrient Planning:

Please call Robert Bird @ (920) 386-3660 with any questions regarding Nutrient Management.

When are Nutrient Management Plans Required?

  • Anyone in Farmland Preservation Program
  • Anyone Installing/Altering Manure Storage Structure
  • Expanding operations going thru Livestock Siting Ordinance
  • Operations under DNR WPDES permits (CAFO's/more than 1000 Animal Unit)

How often do I have to update my Nutrient Management Plan?

Annually. (Winter) Prior to growing season.

How do I show compliance with the Nutrient Management Requirement? By filling out and submitting a 590 checklist.

Click on the following link to print out the Nutrient Management Checklist to manually fill out and send in: Nutrient Management Plan Checklist OR Click on the following link to fill in the word document and send to us electronically (see email address below): Nutrient Management Plan Checklist Fill In Form.doc

Send a copy of your completed Nutrient Management checklist to: Dodge County Land and Water Conservation Department, 127 East Oak Street, Juneau, WI 53039 or email at

Write your Nutrient Management Plan using free Snap Plus software.  SNAP PLUS WEBSITE:

Dodge County Land Conservation/DATCP

Producers can receive a one time payment of $40/acre for completing a Nutrient Management Plan. Farmers can get on a waiting list to be funded as monies become available (ask for SEG dollars).

For more info contact John Bohonek or Robert Bird at (920) 386-3660.

USDA-Natural Resource Conservation Service (USDA-NRCS), Environmental Quality Incentives Program (EQIP) For complete and updated details regarding the above program, please contact NRCS at 920-386-9999 ext. 3.

Call (920) 386-3660 for the most up to date information on Nutrient Management programs.