Dodge County Manure Storage Ordinance

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Dodge County Manure Storage Ordinance

Dodge County's Manure Storage and Nutrient Utilization Ordinance was revised in June of 2007. The ordinance continues to require anyone who is planning to build a new manure storage system, or anyone who is planning to substantially alter an existing manure storage system in Dodge County to obtain a permit from the Dodge County Land and Water Conservation Department, and to do this construction work in compliance with construction standards. The revised ordinance now provides for the following additional requirements:

  • To properly close manure storage facilities that have not been used for two or more years.
  • The issuance of a "Certificate of Use" prior to a landowner being allowed to use a new or substantially altered manure storage facility.
  • The preparation of an emergency response plan to be implemented in the event of a manure spill or discharge.
  • To prepare and annually update and follow a nutrient management plan for as long as a permitted manure storage facility continues to be used to store manure.

Below are two links for manure storage applications. One is an application for a permit to close a manure storage facility and the other is an application to construct a manure storage facility. 

Permit Fees:

  • Manure closure - $0
  • Manure transfer - $500
  • Manure storage - $1000
  • Earnest money - $1250