Conservation Observance Day

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Conservation Observance Day recognizes the hard work and success of Wisconsin farmers who are protecting our soil and water. This event was held on Friday, August 23, 2019. Topics such as multi-species cover crop mixes, no-till, planting green, soil health, aerial seeding, 60” corn rows, Wagyu beef grazing, and more were discussed and showcased.

The Peirick family has been awarded the 2019 Conservation Farm Family of the year and will be hosting Conservation Observance Day. T & R Dairy LLC., near Watertown is run by brothers Tony and Ralph Peirick, and their sons Josh and Dan. The Peirick family has 200 dairy cows and 1,100 acres, which is used for soybeans, forages, and corn for grain and silage. Additionally, the Peirick family does custom planting (including covers), harvesting, and spraying. T&R Dairy has been utilizing no-till for 24 years, implementing cover crops for 10 years, and has been planting green for the past 3 years. Additionally, the Peirick family will be starting to experiment with other conservation methods including innovative interseeding techniques, rolling cereal rye, and raising new breeds of cows not common in the area.

Conservation Observance Day is a great opportunity to learn more about the farming industry and how farmers are protecting our natural resources. 

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Conservation Observance Day Event Flyer