Fiscal and Support Services

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Division Manager - Monica Hooper

Fiscal and support services


199 County Road DF

Juneau, WI 53039    

Phone: 920-386-3504
Fax: 920-386-3533
Office Hours:

Monday through Friday
8:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.

The Fiscal and Support Services Division provide financial and clerical functions for the Human Services and Health Department. This Division includes three units with staff located at the Home Road office building, the Aging and Disability Resource Center in the Administration Building and the Center Street office building. There are thirteen staff at the Center Street location, eight staff at the Home Road location and the remainder at the Aging and Disability Resource Center. The Division consists of twenty-four employees, including three Supervisors, an Audit/Compliance Officer and a Division Manager.

The conscientious, organized and efficient performance of dedicated fiscal and support staff is key to the Department’s ability to: (1) create and maintain orderly files; (2) accurately record and process billings; (3) answer, manage and route telephone calls to appropriate personnel; (4) type and transcribe; (5) enhance customer satisfaction with prompt, courteous and professional interaction; (6) provide assistance with administration of health clinics and many other services; (7) secure financial funding; and (8) meet complex and detailed reporting needs for the state as well as other agencies.

The Center Street location houses the following units from the Human Services and Health Department: Public Health, Economic Support, Adult Services, Intake, Child and Family, Development Disability and Juvenile Services. The Home Road location houses Mental Health, Alcohol and Other Drug Abuse and Community Support Programs. The second floor of the Administration building is where the Aging, Transportation and Senior Dining programs are located.

Some of the state systems used in daily operations: 
    ♦ CARES – Economic Support Database 
    ♦ KIDS – Child Support Database 
    ♦ eWiSACWIS – Child Welfare Database 
    ♦ HSRS – Human Services Reporting System 
    ♦ SAMS – Aging and Nutrition Database 
    ♦ CCPC – Child Day Care Database 
    ♦ CSAW – Child Day Care Payment System 
    ♦ CARES Worker Web – Food Stamps Pin System

The Department began the process of scanning and creating electronic images of client files and data at the Home Road location and to a limited extent in the Office Building. This project will continue in 2010 and beyond with the intent of eliminating the volumes of paper files we maintain. This process should reduce the filing and storage requirements and provide ready access to client files for those staff authorized to access client files. A significant number of clerical hours are required on the front end to scan and index client files which should be recouped in improved workflow, productivity and efficiency.

Our division will seek to continue to provide excellent customer service to our internal and external customers and improve efficiencies in our financial reporting and data collection processes.