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children's foster care 
     division manager - alyssa schultz

Address:   Henry Dodge Office Building
199 County Road DF
Second Floor
Juneau, WI 53039
Phone:   920-386-3750    
Fax:   920-386-3533    
Office Hours:  

Monday through Friday
8:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.  

Email Contact:   For questions regarding these services, you may also email

The Dodge County Human Services and Health Department Foster Care Program provides children with a temporary home and family when their parents or guardians are unable to meet their needs and keep them safe. There are many reasons why children are removed from their parents and/or guardian’s home. Removal could be based on physical, emotional, sexual abuse, or due to neglect. Foster care provides children who are removed from their home with a safe, stable, and nurturing environment while their parents work on improving their situation so that they can provide this type of atmosphere for their children when they return home.

Foster care is designed to be a temporary solution to meet the children’s needs until they can return home safely. A child may remain in foster care for as little as a day, or for many months. Current laws in the child welfare system are designed to minimize the length of time a child is placed in foster care prior to being returned home or placed in a long term placement through adoption or guardianships.

Foster parents are encouraged to work towards reuniting the child with his or her family. Contacts with the biological parent will include visitation, doctor appointments, school activities, and agency staffings.
Before a child is placed in a particular home, the foster parent receives background information about the child including any medical, physical, and behavioral problems that exist as well as any mental health issues. Based on the information provided, the foster parent can make an informed decision as to whether they think a particular child would be a good match for their family.

To learn about the licensing requirements, or to begin the licensing process, contact:  
Dodge County Foster Care Coordinator
Jim Wiersma at 920-386-3634
or you may email him at 

After contacting the Foster Care Coordinator, you will need to complete an application packet, criminal background checks, health exams, and personal reference checks. In addition, the Foster Care Coordinator will do an inspection of your home to make sure that it meets the physical requirements of the program and will conduct individual and family interviews of all adults and children residing within the home.

For "Frequently Asked Questions", please click:
    ♦ Foster Care Frequently Asked Questions (PDF) (document will open in new window)

For information on foster care and adoption, please click: 
    ♦ Foster Care and Adoption Resource Center (new window will open)