Winter Plowing Information

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Winter Plowing Information

To see winter road conditions on all Wisconsin state highways, visit their site

Snow Removal Concerns

Winter Driving Safety

Mailboxes Damaged During Snow Removal

State Roads are numbered such as USH 151, STH 67, and STH 175.
County Roads are lettered such as CTH B, CTH KW, and CTH T.
Town Roads are named such as Bethel Road, Walton Road, and Sunny Point Road.
City and Village Streets are named such as Main Street and Second Street. 

The Highway Department plows all State and County highways and is contracted to plow roads in the Towns of Clyman, Elba, Shields, and Westford.  The remaining towns and all cities and villages are responsible for their own plowing.

Hours of coverage during storms vary by class of road.

Class 1 roads receive 24-hour service. Class 1 roads are I 41, USH 151, STH 60 from STH 67 to Hartford, STH 26 from STH 60 to Watertown, and STH 33 from Beaver Dam to the east county line.

Class 2 roads receive coverage from 4:00 a.m. to 10:00 p.m. Class 2 roads are STH 73 from STH 33 to Columbus, STH 33 from STH 73 to Beaver Dam, STH 16/60 and 60 from Columbus to STH 67, STH 26 from STH 60 to Waupun, and all of STH 68, 175, 28, 67, and 49.

All County roads receive coverage from 4:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m.

Roads in the Towns of Clyman, Elba, Shields, and Westford are covered as time and manpower allow.  These towns are not guaranteed same-day service.  By direction of the Town Chairman, there are some storms we don’t plow for the town.

Due to the severity of the storm and for the safety of our drivers, there may be times during coverage periods that plows will be pulled from the road. Priority will be given to maintain Class 1 roads passable if at all possible.


Damaged Mailboxes

Unfortunately even when all of the siting and installation standards are met, mailboxes are damaged or destroyed. Dodge County Highway Department snow removal crews will focus on providing safe traveling conditions; however, snow removal at the mailbox area is the resident's responsibility. The Highway Department's position on mailboxes damaged during snow removal operations is as follows:

1. Mailboxes damaged from snow, ice, or slush resulting from plowing or traffic will not be replaced by
    Dodge County.

2. Mailboxes damaged by contact with highway maintenance equipment will be repaired or replaced by
    Department employees under the following circumstances:

     a. The equipment operator or Highway Department supervisor confirms damage by contact of Highway
         Department equipment.
     b. The box and support were in good condition prior to the damage.
     c. Highway Department personnel will provide and install a standard U.S. Postal Service-approved mailbox
         and a wooden 4x4 support.

3. Replacement of failed or deteriorated installations will be the owner's responsibility.