David Ehlinger

David Ehlinger

Finance Director

Phone: (920)386-3287

Fax:  (920)386-4088

Office Location and Hours 

4th Floor, Dodge County Administration Building
127 E. Oak St.
Juneau, WI  53039 
8:00am – 4:30pm, Monday through Friday

Mission Statement:

The mission of the Finance Department is to effectively and efficiently administer, preserve and account for County financial transactions and provide financial services in support of all County departments.

Authority and Establishment:
Adoption of Resolution 78-69 established the position of County Auditor effective January 1, 1979. That position was filled commencing on June 1, 1979. Power and duties of the County auditor are provided under Section 59.72 (1) of the Wisconsin Statutes. Adoption of Resolution 09-14 changed the name of the “Dodge County Accounting & Auditing Department” to “Dodge County Finance Department”. Adoption of Resolution 09-17 created the position of “Finance Director”.  The Finance Director shall be the County Auditor and shall perform all duties and shall have all powers of County Auditor, as set forth in section 59.47, of the Wisconsin Statutes, effectively May 19, 2009. Additional duties conferred on the Finance Director by the above resolution are as follows:

  1. Direct the maintenance of a central accounting system for the county and its departments consistent with the established and accepted municipal accounting principles.
  2. Assist the County Administrator in the development of the county budget.
  3. Assist the Finance committee in the development of long-range fiscal programs and financial systems to meet future county needs.
  4. On an on-going basis/plan, develop and carry out special financial projects designed to improve the county’s financial recording and accounting systems.
  5. Provide advice and counsel to all departments regarding accounting policies and procedures.
  6. Analyze significant budget variations and advise the Finance committee on the financial impact.
  7. Provide periodic financial reports to the Finance Committee summarizing the County’s financial condition regarding department’s budgets, operating funds, special grants, etc.
  8. When directed by the Finance Committee, County Administrator or by resolution of the County Board, examines the books and accounts of any county officer, board, commission, committee or other officer or employee entrusted with the receipt, custody or expenditure of money, or by or on whose certificate any funds appropriated by the County Board are authorized to be expended.  She shall have free access to such books, accounts, bills, vouchers, and receipts as often as may be necessary to perform the duties and she shall report in writing the results of the examination to the County Board.


  • Maintains double-entry accounting records for the county.
  • Prepares county expense checks for authorized voucher payment.
  • Images accounts payable vouchered documents, employee timesheets and journalized supporting documents.
  • Reviews receipted collections entered by the county treasurer (general tax, tax settlement and tax redemption).
  • Prints, distributes, audits and processes employee timesheets.
  • Processes payroll checks and/or direct deposits for all county employees.
  • Maintains employee payroll files. 
  • Compiles payroll withholding and deduction reports (social security, Wisconsin Retirements, Federal tax, State tax, life insurance, credit union, employee union, garnishment and child support, deferred compensations, flexible spending plans, United Way Fund donations, and health and dental insurance), and prepares payment checks to respective agencies.
  • Processes necessary forms for applications for Wisconsin Retirement, life, and health and dental insurance.
  • Processes unemployment compensation claims to the state.
  • Audits county board, committee, commission and employee compensation and expense claims and voucher expenditure claims and prepares them for Audit Committee review and payment authorization.
  • Process and distributes monthly financial reports to departments.
  • Formulates, disseminates, organizes and distributes the annual county budget.
  • Prepares the annual financial report to the State of Wisconsin.
  • Designs financial accounting and reporting systems.
  • Prepares annual financial reports for the East Wisconsin Counties Railroad Consortium.
  • Prepares annual county indirect cost allocation plan.
  • Prepares annual claims to Department of Correction for State inmate court proceeding, prosecution and prisoner complaint review costs.
  • Prepares account analysis schedules and reports for the county’s independent auditors.
  • Apportions taxes to the 43 taxing districts.
  • Maintains necessary records under the COBRA Act (health and dental insurance continuance under the county’s group insurance plans after leaving county employment or to spouses of former county employees).