Enforcing an Order

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            If the other party is not following a Court order, you may have several options.

            First, we always recommend that you speak with an attorney about the issue if possible.

            If the other party is not following an order regarding child support or medical expenses for your child, you should contact the Dodge County Child Support Agency.  Click on Child Support, or visit their office on the 3rd floor of the Dodge County Justice Facility.  They can often take enforcement actions on your behalf, or provide other assistance.

            If the other party is not following a restraining order, or a specific order regarding custody or placement, you should contact your local law enforcement agency.

            If your current order is vague or subject to different interpretations, you may need to have the order clarified.  Stop at the Clerk of Courts office to file a motion to modify the order, or to request mediation for custody or placement issues.

            If the other party is deliberately violating a specific Court order, you may file a motion to have them found in contempt of court.  Contempt paperwork can be obtained under Family Law Forms or from the Clerk of Courts office.  You will need to have an affidavit notarized by the Clerk of Courts, and have your paperwork served on the other party by the Sheriff's Department or other process server.  Sec. 767.471 also provides for a special procedure to enforce placement orders, but the use of that procedure is not mandatory.