Changing an Order

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            There are two ways to change a judgment or order.

            If both parties agree to the change, they can put the agreement in writing, sign it and file it with the Clerk of Courts.  The stipulation does not become the new order unless or until it is approved by the judge or Family Court Commissioner.

            If the parties do not agree to change the judgment or order, either party can file a motion to modify it with the Clerk of Courts.  Paperwork to request a modification can be obtained under Family Law Forms or from the Clerk of Courts office.  The legal requirements for changing custody or placement are very strict and we do NOT recommend that you attempt to change custody or placement without a lawyer.

            If you wish to modify a CHILD SUPPORT order, we recommend that you contact the Dodge County Child Support Agency - click on Child Support or visit their office on the 3rd floor of the Dodge County Justice Facility.  They may be able to file a motion on your behalf, or give you additional assistance.  The Court generally cannot change PAST child support, so it is important to contact the Child Support Agency or file a motion as soon as possible if placement or financial circumstances have changed.

            Child support continues until the child TURNS 18 AND GRADUATES from high school.  (If the child is still in high school or a similar program, support may continue until he or she turns 19.)  If any of those events is coming up, please contact the Child Support Agency.