Work Permit - Only needed for minors age 15 and Under

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Documentation Required

Work Permit Only Needed for Minors Age 15 & Under

  1.  Proof of age – Certified Copy of Birth Certificate, Baptismal Record or Drivers License

  2. Letter from the employer stating the intent to employ the minor along with the job duties, hours of work and time of day the minor will be working.
  3. Letter from the minor’s parent, guardian or court-ordered foster parent while the minor is under their care and supervision consenting to the employment.  As an alternative, the parent, guardian, or foster parent may countersign the employer’s letter. 
  4. The minor's social security card.
  5. $10.00 statutory permit fee.
  6. School address minor attends or school district.
  7. Minor must appear to sign the work permit.