Karen Gibson Karen J. Gibson 
Dodge County Clerk
127 E. Oak Street
Juneau, WI  53039

Phone:  (920)386-3600
Fax: (920) 386-4292


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1st Floor, Dodge County Administration Building
8:00am- 4:30pm Monday through Friday

The County Clerk is a constitutional officer elected by the voters of Dodge County to a four year term. 

The County Clerk's duties are to provide services to the general public and to the County Board of Supervisors, act as an agent and representative for the State of Wisconsin through clerical assistance, issuance and distribution of licenses, election coordination, and maintaining records.

It is the mission of the Dodge County Clerk's Office to provide courteous and prompt service to the public in all aspects of the duties given to the County Clerk through the Wisconsin State Statutes and the policies and ordinances set forth by the Dodge County Board. As public servants, we will provide a welcome and pleasant environment to all customers seeking the services of this office.

I am glad you have taken time to look at our site and encourage you to contact me if you have questions about the County Clerk's Office.

Karen J. Gibson, County Clerk

Shelby J. Miller
Chief Deputy County Clerk
E-mail:  smiller@co.dodge.wi.us

Christine M. Kjornes
Deputy County Clerk
E-mail:  ckjornes@co.dodge.wi.us