Courtroom Security and Facilities

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Courtroom Security and Facilities Committee

Members:  Joseph Sciascia, Shelby Brandsma, Russ Freber, Lynn Hron, Kurt Klomberg, Russell Kottke, Dustin Beck, James Mielke, Mary Ann Miller, Scott Mittelstadt, Bernie Mueller, John Nehls, Peggy Novak, Dale Schmidt, Steven Seim, Kellen O'Brien, Rick Storzer, Greg Vollan, Steve Allermann, Amy Nehls, Travis Bachofen, Robert Barrington

Documents presented here are for public convenience and are provided as information only. Please read the disclaimer on use of these documents. Minutes are only official after they have been approved by the Committee.

Official documents are available from the:
County Clerk's Office Administration Building, 127 E. Oak Street, Juneau, WI 53039. Phone: 920-386-3600

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February 7, 2020  2-7-20  None  2-7-20 
May 1, 2020  5-1-20 None  5-1-20 
August 7, 2020  8-7-20  None  8-7-20 
October 2, 2020  10-2-20  None  10-2-20