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Traffic Painting

Post Date:04/28/2017 3:03 PM

During the summer the county refreshes traffic markings on the highways.  Some drivers try to get around our convoy and track over the wet lines, splattering paint onto their vehicles.  When that happens, the drivers usually call us to solve the problem.  Our crew travels at only 10-12 miles per hour and has signs mounted on the trucks to inform the public of "WET YELLOW PAINT" or "WET WHITE PAINT".  Therefore, the County is not responsible for paint removal from vehicles that cross these lines.

Paint used by Dodge County to paint yellow roadway centerlines and white edge lines is a waterborne acrylic and can be removed with a solution of hot water and ammonia (one cup ammonia per gallon of water) and soap.  The area with paint on may have to be soaked multiple times until the paint softens so it can be wiped clean and rinsed.  Our paint trucks are cleaned by this same process each fall.  Note: Paint should be removed as soon as possible.

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