Permits and Licenses

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 Permit/License Department
 Phone Number
 Building Number (Address)  Land Resources & Parks Dept  920-386-3700 x2  Email 
 Conditional Use Permit  Land Resources & Parks Dept  920-386-3700 x2 Email 
 Dog Licenses  County Clerk  920-386-3600 Email 
 Domestic Partnership  County Clerk  920-386-3600 Email
 Dept of Natural Resources Licenses  County Clerk  920-386-3600  Email 
 Driveway, Utility, or Moving Permit  Highway Department
 Land Use Permit (Building Permit)  Land Resources & Parks Dept   920-386-3700 x2  Email 
 Letter of Intent (Land Division Form)  Land Resources & Parks Dept  920-386-3700 x2 Email 
 Marriage License  County Clerk  920-386-3600 Email 
 Reconnection Permit Land Resources & Parks Dept   920-386-3700 x2 Email 
 Signs Land Resources & Parks Dept
 920-386-3700 x2
 Work Permit  County Clerk  920-386-3600 Email