Code Administration (Zoning)

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Division of Land Resources and Parks Dept

Code Administration is responsible for managing the Land Use Code with its subdivision and comprehensive zoning district regulations and several associated overlay districts including Environmental Protection, Highway Setback, Planned Unit Development, Land Spreading of Petroleum Contaminated Soil, Wireless Communications Facilities, Wind Energy Systems, and Non-Metallic Mining Reclamation. This division is also responsible for the management and enforcement of the Dodge County Airport Zoning Ordinance, Floodplain Ordinance, Shoreland Protection Ordinance and Sanitary Ordinance.

Zoning FAQs

What is a Land Use Permit vs a Building Permit?

A Land Use Permit and a building permit are TWO separate permits. Each permit may be required for a project.

When is a Land Use Permit required? 

Land Use Permits are issued by Dodge County Land Resources and Parks in:

County Zoned Towns - Required by the Towns which adopted the County Land Use Code

county zoned towns
Ashippun  Fox Lake Leroy  Rubicon
Calamas Hustisford Lomira Shields
Elba Lebanon Oak Grove Trenton


When is a Shoreland Land Use Permit required?

  • Are you within 1,000 feet of the lake, pond, or flowage?
  • Are you within 300 feet of a river or stream?

If you have answered "Yes" to either one of the above questions, please submit the Land Use Permit with the appropriate worksheets.

Shoreland Areas - Required in areas where lands are within 300 ft of a river or stream or within 1,000 ft of a lake, pond, or flowage


Highway Setback Overlay District - Required within 200 ft of the centerline of a road

Highway setback towns
 Burnett  Emmet  Lowell Williamstown 
 Clyman  Hubbard  Theresa  

Airport Zoning Ordinance - Required within three (3) statute miles of the boundaries of the Dodge County Airport.  {Includes the City of Juneau}

Land Use Permits are required:

  1. Before any structure is built
  2. Move or structurally alter any structure
  3. Before adding or replacing an existing structure

Land Use Permit Process

  • All Land Use Permits will be reviewed to see if the proposed project is compliant with the ordinances
  • Not all Land Use Permit applications are the same
  • Information required may vary based on the location and proposed structure
  • On-site inspections may be required -- Please have your project staked out before submitting your application

Possible Issues Addressed in the Review

  • Correct zoning district?
  • Does the structure meet the road(s), lot lines and ordinary high water mark setbacks?
  • Does the project require an additional permit or worksheets?
  • Does the project require state approval?

What are the setbacks?

Setback Information Sheet